Capacity Voice

17 Sep 2015

Reinvigorating international voice through VoLTE

In early adopter markets VoLTE services have revolutionised the quality of voice services with end users enjoying reliable and crystal clear calls, driving overall usage. In these countries, and further afield, forward thinking operators are now looking to expand the value gained from their investment in IMS by offering ubiquitous advanced communications to users, wherever they are.

01 Sep 2015

Ushering private wires into the 21st century

The financial markets arena is perceived as a technologically progressive space with trades being executed by the thousands each millisecond. However, in the midst of the rapid markets there rests an outdated form of technology: the private wire.

27 Aug 2015


Many years ago I was interviewing a management consultant about how he communicated the need for change internally in organisations. How, I asked him, did he explain the benefit of cooperating to employees? “I say: ‘Your reward is that you get to keep your job’,” he said.

14 Aug 2015

Traditional signalling service takes the connected world back to the future

If you were to talk to your average mobile phone user, 4G LTE access and over-the-top (OTT) applications would be at the top of their list of network and handset demands. We’ve heard for many years now that SMS is in terminal decline, voice calls are dying a slow death and that an all-IP network has taken over.

03 Aug 2015

A unique set of challenges: Optimising today's networks to offer next-gen services

CSPs have long since accepted that they must continually optimise their networks for maximised utilisation and ultimately profitability, but ‘next gen’ services, such as the combination of video voicemail and instant messaging alongside voice, come with their own unique set of challenges.

03 Aug 2015

Upping your network and data security with two-factor authentication

With the frequency and severity of data breaches, networks and data are becoming more and more vulnerable. And a change in attitude is taking place with Security 2.0 coming to the fore.

23 Jul 2015

How safe are our cables?

They take years of planning and deployment, but what is done to protect cables once they are in the ground or under the seabed?

07 Jul 2015

Winning big with friction-free co-opetition

Not every business deal needs to have a winner and a loser. What’s important is that all participants in the relationship create new value for their businesses.

01 Jul 2015

Selling what you don't know

Telefonica has run a traditional market research tracker globally for many years. Every month it can report in detail on what its customers tell it about their level of satisfaction. Since 2012, its subsidiary O2 has taken this one step further, and compared what customers report with what they actually do, based on transaction and network data.

30 Jun 2015

How managed services are transforming wholesale telecoms

The amount of change that a telecoms operator’s business must undergo to support digital services is so massive that it’s often called a ‘transformation,’ and wholesale business models are no exception.