Capacity Voice

20 Aug 2013

Putting customer choice first: open access

How can data centre operators manage increasing network capacity requirements and differentiate against competitors?

12 Aug 2013

OTT providers: Competitors or collaborators?

Over-the-top (OTT) players have been seen as something of a thorn in the side of carriers, since their arrival in the market heralded an end to the exclusivity they held over the customer relationship.

08 Aug 2013

Connecting Myanmar one step at a time

In the last couple of years Myanmar has undergone a metamorphosis. The removal of international sanctions enabled its entry onto the global business stage and 'Myanmar' became the word of the moment.

06 Aug 2013

Hosting versus the cloud - What is best for my business?

Both hosting and cloud solutions require the same underlying infrastructure – a reliable internet connection, hardware that can house the company’s applications and software, and managed capabilities to ensure the ability to add, move, and change users on demand. The key differentiators are the pricing model, the type of security required, the amount of management and visibility into the system a company requires, and the type of applications it supports.

01 Aug 2013

Differentiating network services through CDN

Meeting the rising content and service expectations of subscribers across multiple devices has presented new challenges and opportunities to network operators globally.

25 Jul 2013

Quick trades for a quick buck

On October 5 2012, India was the latest country to experience a 'Flash Crash', as its national stock exchange 'nifty' index fell by more than 15% in a few minutes. The cause was a series of huge orders, processed automatically according to preset algorithms. Nobody knew it was about to occur. Nobody understood why it happened. Nobody knew when it would stop.

09 Jul 2013

Copper thieves caught red handed

In the Berlin district of Treptow Spathsfelde, Deutsche Telekom is waging drone warfare on copper thieves.

03 Jul 2013

Wholesale innovation: leading by necessity

Innovation is not the first topic that springs to mind when thinking about wholesale but international and domestic carriers are showing their retail counterparts how to target innovation where it matters most.

03 Jul 2013

Faster than the speed of sound

In February, Orange and Alcatel-Lucent laid claims to successfully completing the world’s first live trial of 400G. By May, BT and Ciena were boasting of an ‘800G super-channel’. The race to the commercial launch of the next-generation of fibre-optic super speeds is certainly gathering pace in 2013.

26 Jun 2013

Télécoms sans Frontières and “Etre Prêt”

Trudging up the mountains in the rain, and hail this weekend, I had plenty of time to reflect on the work that the charity we support here at Capacity does…