Capacity Voice

01 Oct 2013

Transport SDN: networking in the fast lane

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in the networking industry.

26 Sep 2013

Building Wifi and small cell communities

Data traffic continues to grow inexorably, with the predicted global hourly increase measured in terabits and the mobile networks creaking under the strain.

17 Sep 2013

Revenue trends: wireless data still dominating wholesale

Sometimes, macro trends don’t just continue – they accelerate.

29 Aug 2013

Relations turn sour in Europe

A comparison from the European Commission (EC) between the price of a litre of milk and the cost of domestic phone calls in EU countries has not gone down well with the telecoms community.

29 Aug 2013

Africa's mobile tower trauma

Kevin Koch, chief operating officer of Helios Towers Africa (HTA), has to solve operational problems that most COOs would not recognise. HTA solves a lot of unconventional problems, because it acquires, builds and manages telecoms towers for operators in Africa.

27 Aug 2013

Indonesia: Asia’s next growth engine

Indonesia is a country of 250 million people, making it the fourth-largest population in the world.

20 Aug 2013

Putting customer choice first: open access

How can data centre operators manage increasing network capacity requirements and differentiate against competitors?

12 Aug 2013

OTT providers: Competitors or collaborators?

Over-the-top (OTT) players have been seen as something of a thorn in the side of carriers, since their arrival in the market heralded an end to the exclusivity they held over the customer relationship.

08 Aug 2013

Connecting Myanmar one step at a time

In the last couple of years Myanmar has undergone a metamorphosis. The removal of international sanctions enabled its entry onto the global business stage and 'Myanmar' became the word of the moment.

06 Aug 2013

Hosting versus the cloud - What is best for my business?

Both hosting and cloud solutions require the same underlying infrastructure – a reliable internet connection, hardware that can house the company’s applications and software, and managed capabilities to ensure the ability to add, move, and change users on demand. The key differentiators are the pricing model, the type of security required, the amount of management and visibility into the system a company requires, and the type of applications it supports.