Capacity Voice

25 Mar 2014

The service provider role in UCC success

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is finally beginning to turn the corner, accelerating from hype to mainstream adoption.

18 Mar 2014

Bring on the revolution

Cloud computing has successfully embraced the convenience and speed of the retail sector. It allows you to deliver immediate utility to your customers, satisfying any requirements they have on a day-by-day basis, while enabling you to drive additional revenue from your existing customers.

17 Mar 2014

Making SDN part of the engineer culture

Are engineers resisting the migration to SDN for fear of being automated out of a job?

11 Mar 2014

Helping MNOs tackle the OTT problem

We’ve seen a lot of speculation in the media on Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for a historic $19 billion. Many have wondered what the drivers for the deal are, pointing at Facebook’s attempts to stay relevant as younger generations abandon the social network and flock to services such as WhatsApp and SnapChat.

04 Mar 2014

The future of cloud

With the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets and the number of internet-connected video devices set to exceed the human population by 2017, the Asia-Pacific region is acting as the engine room for this growth.

25 Feb 2014

Why Europe is set to benefit from the emerging Asian telecoms market

The rapid growth of technology enterprises in Asia, such as Samsung and Lenovo, coupled with consumers’ insatiable hunger for data, is putting huge pressure on domestic operators’ networks in the region. Because Asian operators do not have the proximity to content to satisfy this demand on home turf, they are looking further afield to alleviate this pressure and have Europe firmly in their sights.

18 Feb 2014

2014 – the year of innovation frameworks

The business models adopted by many of today’s operators are under threat. Consumers demand more data and services at faster speeds, but they are unwilling to pay increased premiums for better services. Competition increases every day throughout the communications services sector and in all geographies around the world.

04 Feb 2014

2014: A year for enterprise?

As carriers continue to explore fresh growth opportunities outside of their traditional core competenices, there is increased potential for direct and indirect sales channels to clash.

28 Jan 2014

The future of roaming in an LTE world

As operators gear up to delivering LTE roaming in Europe – and with it, the promise of ubiquitous IP access for everyone, everywhere – it presents new opportunities and challenges for our individual businesses and for the industry at large.

21 Jan 2014

Fraud – signs of recovery?

The global economy may be improving, the focus of criminals on making easy money from the world's telecoms companies is showing no signs of abating.