Capacity Voice

20 May 2014

Over 6,000 delegates at ITW 2014 in Chicago!

Alexandre Pébereau, Chairman, ITW Founders’ Council, today issued the following statement at the conclusion of the 2014 ITW meeting.

06 May 2014

Your OCEANS need YOU

Your OCEANS need YOU: "International Telecommunications World" to promote the use of submarine cables to mitigate tsunami hazards and climate change.

05 May 2014

The next BIG thing in mobile?

Just three years ago the ITW community raised the question: how do we imagine the carrier world in 2020?

29 Apr 2014

IPX & LTE signalling: Making the right decision

LTE data roaming is currently one of the major challenges for telecommunication operators. With increased demand for high-speed data consumption abroad from the end customer’s side, LTE data roaming is the next step for providers.

28 Apr 2014

Next-gen networks: Bigger and faster

Will networks be submerged by a tsunami of data? That was the question raised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) earlier this year.

22 Apr 2014

Join the dots: How Wifi creates a big picture for smart cities

There was a time when infrastructure for towns and cities meant roads and railways. Back then, the town planners were thinking only about the transport of people, and not about the transfer of data.

22 Apr 2014

Mobile everywhere? The best is yet to come

Where do you go today and not see everyone around you on some form of mobile device: smartphones, tablets, laptops? They’re watching videos through connected TV, they’re gaming, they’re checking their bank balance and they’re using m-payment or m-banking.

15 Apr 2014

Clash of the titans: Shaping the future of US wireless

The fight for stateside wireless customers shifted from intense to very intense when regulators quashed AT&T’s planned purchase of T-Mobile in late 2011.

15 Apr 2014

Wear it well – inside or out

I bought myself a 2014 present. My newest bracelet is black plastic and can tell me how many steps I’ve walked (2,551 by noon, without having yet made it to the gym), how many miles (1.6), how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed (three, which I would count as five), how many calories I’ve burned… you get the picture.

08 Apr 2014

Using security automation and orchestration to protect consumer data

You can scarcely read a paper these days without stumbling over commentary regarding the breach of customer data at popular retailer Target. Up to 110 million customers saw their credit and debit cards exposed to potential fraud in the incident.