Capacity Voice

15 Jul 2014

Carrier Ethernet – the digital fuel for business agility and productivity

Industry analysis suggests more than 1,000 service providers and network operators worldwide now utilise CE technologies to support high-performance Ethernet & Ethernet-enabled data services, interconnect network-enabled cloud services, underpin 4G/LTE mobile services and consumer triple play services, and meet internal networking needs.

11 Jul 2014

In the 100G lab

100G, 500G, ultra-fast, super-channel. With so many different terms flying about in the industry – all basically relating to very fast internet speeds – what really is 100G?

08 Jul 2014

Protecting telco revenues against the OTT threat

There have been a number of reports in recent months spelling doom for mobile operator profits, and the majority of these have cited the increasing popularity of OTT voice and messaging apps as the biggest threat.

01 Jul 2014

Is end-to-end CRM the answer to all telecom industry problems?

Fierce competition between rival communications service providers (CSP) for the loyalty of often-fickle customers has made customer relations and retention a huge issue for operators.

24 Jun 2014

Cloud computing: The winners and losers in telecoms

The telecom industry has been looking into ways to capitalise on the opportunities offered by cloud computing ever since the hype around the concept emerged in the mid 2000s.

17 Jun 2014

Fast lane, slow lane

As Google unveiled the first images of its self-driving car prototype, I could not help but notice its most prominent feature – the face across the front. This design element has suffered plenty in reviews and commentary, but I get it.

10 Jun 2014

Super-channels are the gateway to success for video excess

We have fallen for the internet’s many charms hook, line and sinker. It has become an integral component of our social lives, business endeavours and daily entertainment, and expectations are raised for high-quality, superfast and consistent broadband.

03 Jun 2014

Carriers of the future: Innovating beyond connectivity

Innovation has become the buzzword in the telecoms industry.

27 May 2014

Operators need to embrace Big Data for more than just marketing

The recent hype around Big Data stems from its positioning as being “revolutionary”. In fact, data insights have been used for centuries. The difference with Big Data is that it gives organisations highly sophisticated capabilities to glean business insights from exponentially growing data volumes and sources, and put them to practical use.

20 May 2014

Is E for extra speed and extra margin?

Although 1973 sounds like a long, long time ago, if we realise that 41 years ago this spring Robert Metcalfe conceived the first conceptual hints of what evolved into Ethernet while at MIT, the interval seems small.