Capacity Voice

09 Sep 2014

Preparing for net neutrality

The net neutrality debate is once again rearing its head. As cloud, video and mobile continue to drive bandwidth demand, carriers are left in a difficult position on how to best manage network access.

02 Sep 2014

Seven best practices for enhancing data roaming usage

Today’s mobile network operators (MNOs) are contending with a host of new market challenges. A new wave of regulatory requirements, the commoditisation of many services, the increasing competition from OTT players and the infrastructure investment requirement for LTE represent just a few of the new forces reshaping the industry.

27 Aug 2014

Going neutral

Richard Dorgan, marketing director at Interxion, defines data centre neutrality and explores how it could transform operations for businesses in the digital economy.

12 Aug 2014

Seven challenges faced by cloud providers entering the wholesale telecoms market

The global cloud services market has seen substantial growth in the last five years, with companies turning to cloud for new revenue growth and customer solutions.

05 Aug 2014

Shaking the tree, boss

As I sat down to write this blog on Tuesday afternoon, July 29th, 2014, the US stock market was heading gently downward. However, the most important of industries had virtually all companies – from AT&T and Verizon down to the smallest telco service providers – with stocks next to those lovely, upward-facing green arrows.

31 Jul 2014

Satisfied customers?

“The customer is truly always right,” says Jim Leach, VP of marketing at RagingWire Data Centers. “Customer feedback through NPS is fundamental to our business planning.”

29 Jul 2014

Death of the couch potato?

Do you sometimes find that you spend more time browsing and consuming content on your smartphone or tablet than you spend watching TV?

22 Jul 2014

Customer pains

Since 1995 (yikes!) we have been asking wholesale customers to rate their carriers in a wide range of categories.

15 Jul 2014

Carrier Ethernet – the digital fuel for business agility and productivity

Industry analysis suggests more than 1,000 service providers and network operators worldwide now utilise CE technologies to support high-performance Ethernet & Ethernet-enabled data services, interconnect network-enabled cloud services, underpin 4G/LTE mobile services and consumer triple play services, and meet internal networking needs.

11 Jul 2014

In the 100G lab

100G, 500G, ultra-fast, super-channel. With so many different terms flying about in the industry – all basically relating to very fast internet speeds – what really is 100G?