Capacity Voice

22 May 2018

Think Big, Fast, Revenue MEF 3.0

Last year at ITW, I wrote that the industry is undergoing a paradigm shift to agile, assured, and orchestrated services optimised for the digital economy, writes Nan Chen

16 May 2018

Unlocking the value of SD-WAN with flexibility, security and service assurance

Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks and Keith Langridge, VP of global services at BT examine the value of SD-WAN solutions

16 May 2018

Changing how developing markets experience cloud and content

Remote peering is leveling the playing field and giving Service Providers around the world the ability to deliver an optimised end user experience.

25 Apr 2018

Fast caterpillars: Solving the complexity crisis in carrier automation

A new focus on simplicity and standardisation holds the key, says Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess.

24 Apr 2018

This is an important year for the march towards gender equality

As UK companies unveil their average gender pay gap, Ingrid Silver, Partner at Reed Smith LLP, explains why 2018 could be a vital year for equality across all industries, including telecoms.

03 Apr 2018

IT automation: not just for the big dogs

Mike Bushong, vice president of enterprise and cloud at Juniper Networks, talks about the importance of IT automation and how it is not just for the ‘tech giants’

20 Mar 2018

Customer experience is hard

A really good experience isn’t just picking up the phone quickly, or delivering a service quickly, it’s part of every single thing we do, and it needs to be consistent. This means a uniform experience whether you order a service or interact with us in the UK or in Tokyo.

06 Mar 2018

Five of the world’s biggest network outages

The typical cause of a mass outage varies. According to the Ponemon Institute, the three most common causes are power supply failure (25%), cybercrime (22%) and accidental human error (22%). In this post, we look at some of the most notable network outages in recent years, what caused them and how to be prepared in the event of a future reoccurrence.

21 Feb 2018

Why Adaptive is the biggest story in networking

The long-desired goal of network automation is coming closer to reality. Joe Cumello explains why autonomous networking alone is not enough, and introduces Ciena’s Adaptive Network, which combines the right mixture of automation, intelligence, and scale that allows network operators to adapt in today’s constantly-shifting ecosystem.

03 Jan 2018

Moving data to the fjords

The IT sector consumes 7% of global electricity already, and the number is climbing.