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22 Apr 2013

Making Voice Fashionable

Voice isn’t fashionable. Most operators do not even talk about voice. It seems many view voice a bit like the frilled “buccaneer” shirt that I wore in my youth – it invokes happy memories but isn’t something to be associated with now.

15 Apr 2013

Smarter networks for a converging world

International bandwidth is growing at a phenomenal rate today and, with an additional 36% growth expected in 2013*, this is not going to stop anytime soon. This is driven by the rise in machine to machine and 3D services, as well as the explosion of online video and mobile internet. Our world is becoming increasingly networked and data-hungry, confirming today's need to increase the capacity and the performance of networks.

10 Apr 2013

Quality Matters

With the proliferation of smartphones and over-the-top voice applications, users have more options than ever for international voice calling. As a result, mobile operators, over-the-top providers and other consumer-facing voice providers are focusing more and more on improving the quality of their voice calling experience to stand out from the competition and increase customer loyalty. This increased focus on quality creates new demands for carriers to provide top-notch voice quality and a better customer experience to their retail customer base.

25 Mar 2013

Tackling fraud to protect our industry

The telecommunications ecosystem has been significantly reshaped over the past decade. It has welcomed new players. Many of them have brought new ideas and new opportunities to the arena. But fraudsters have also infiltrated this ecosystem. Fraud costs our industry over 40 billion dollars* every year. This is a significant gap in our revenue that needs to be tackled now!

14 Mar 2013

Industry Transformation, the customer and the race

The transformation of our connected, digital economy has set a new pace in the race for value share in our fast-changing international wholesale market! Today's industry is growing and transforming at an extraordinary pace presenting us carriers with new challenges: declining voice traffic, lower prices and the explosion of internet usage among others.