Capacity Voice September 2016

14 Sep 2016

5G in 5 years?

A phenomenon has developed at telecoms industry events in 2016: the miniature city. I first noticed this earlier this year around the time that news from Mobile World Congress was dominating the technology media. Amongst the inevitable virtual reality headsets and superfast new mobile handsets, I observed the sheer number of model cities and sports stadiums that littered the show’s exhibition floors in the images from the show floor that I saw.

01 Sep 2016

Progress through power – removing latency as a satellite broadband concern

In the satellite communications world, latency is one instance where bigger never means better. Simply put, the less time a data packet takes to travel from the source, to the server, and back again, the happier everyone will be. Latency itself has somewhat been a dirty word – as even on the most technically advanced geostationary (GEO) satellites, the 22,500 mile distance from Earth to the satellite gives latency of around 700 milliseconds (ms). LEO, or low earth orbit, satellites face the same latency issues but, as these satellites are lower to the Earth and have shorter distances to travel, their latency numbers are closer to around 60 - 100ms.