Capacity Voice March 2013

25 Mar 2013

Tackling fraud to protect our industry

The telecommunications ecosystem has been significantly reshaped over the past decade. It has welcomed new players. Many of them have brought new ideas and new opportunities to the arena. But fraudsters have also infiltrated this ecosystem. Fraud costs our industry over 40 billion dollars* every year. This is a significant gap in our revenue that needs to be tackled now!

21 Mar 2013

Data Centres: The shift in demand to secondary markets

There’s no doubt that data centres continue to be in demand. Major media-focused companies such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay and Netflix have all built private data center facilities to support the pending growth of their businesses as well as their compute platforms that house applications, video, images, historical data, and more.

20 Mar 2013

Path to SDN wide open to interpretation

At Capacity Latam 2013, a technology workshop was held in Sao Paulo by Capacity Conferences with sponsorship from NTT Communications and Cyan.

14 Mar 2013

Industry Transformation, the customer and the race

The transformation of our connected, digital economy has set a new pace in the race for value share in our fast-changing international wholesale market! Today's industry is growing and transforming at an extraordinary pace presenting us carriers with new challenges: declining voice traffic, lower prices and the explosion of internet usage among others.

13 Mar 2013

The mobile data fast lane

The painful emergence of 4G services in the UK has been well reported. But Europe’s most competitive mobile market has, in other respects, just enjoyed a remarkable year – albeit one that hints at challenges that lie around the corner.

12 Mar 2013

Preparing for the internet of everything

Cisco has come up with a smart play on words to define the next transformation of the internet. There will be 50 billion devices connected online by 2020, predicts the vendor. The internet of plain-old-things is not going cut it anymore. The internet is going to encompass everything.

11 Mar 2013

Increasing opportunities in the indirect channel

An oft neglected opportunity for wholesale services is the indirect channel. Many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) buy telecoms, IT and other office services from local resellers that have greater knowledge and understanding of their needs than larger service providers do. In most cases, large carriers cannot afford to sell to directly these SMEs, due to their diversity as well as their requirements for on-going support, maintenance, and education. Instead, wholesalers should do what they can to support the resellers and aggregators that serve SMEs to capture revenues they would otherwise miss.