Capacity Voice November 2014

25 Nov 2014

Unleash the power of the cloud: Maximising salesforce mobility

Wholesale telecoms providers with small to medium-sized business (SMB) customers have a big opportunity to grow their sales exponentially utilising today’s mobile cloud solutions. Specifically, these smaller businesses, characterised by field teams who rely on door-to-door selling tactics, are now seeking cutting-edge ways to utilise their mobile devices to establish meaningful connections with customers and better influence purchasing decisions.

21 Nov 2014

Digitisation: It’s now or never

Imagine 60 miles of shelving, full of obsolete videotape. Your mission: digitise it, index it, store it and distribute it. How hard can it be?

18 Nov 2014

5G: Mission impossible without small cells

The volume of monthly mobile data traffic is set to exceed 15 exabytes globally by 2018, thanks to a surge in high-bandwidth content such as video calling and music streaming. The growth in bandwidth demand can also be attributed to other types of connected “things” that will require their share of networks too.

11 Nov 2014

Successful disruptors = profitable customers

Stateside, we are told that our economy, with sluggish growth and unemployment hovering near 7%, may be the “new normal”. Underpinning this unnerving trend is a population with increasing numbers of workers whose outdated skillsets don’t match the digital economy.