Capacity Voice

27 Jun 2018

Critical role of telecommunications providers in protecting the smart homes of tomorrow

Gagan Singh, senior vice president and general manager of mobile at Avast, examines the role of telcos in protecting the smart homes of tomorrow in the advent of IoT

26 Jun 2018

Shannon has his limits, but we all need more capacity than ever

Claude Shannon predicted in 1948 how much information you can carry over a channel. Seven decades later fibre and wireless designers are pretty much at that limit. That’s creating challenges as the industry faces new data demands, writes Alan Burkitt-Gray

25 Jun 2018

The abolition of roaming charges in the EU – a year on

It’s been a year since the European Commission introduced the ‘Roam Like at Home’ (RLAH) regulation, effectively abolishing roaming charges for mobile users within the EU.

22 Jun 2018

Automating customer care – the key to becoming a digital service provider

Neven Stipcevic, chief technology officer at Bulb Technologies, examines how customer care automation is critical to enable communication service providers to transform digitally.

21 Jun 2018

Cloud-based tools to reduce your communication costs and boost productivity

Corrie Lynch, T-Systems’ DSM Expert: connectivity services looks at the benefits of cloud-based unified communication tools to businesses

21 Jun 2018

Do the failsafe

Atchison Fraser from Talari explains how SD-WANs can makes VoIP apps dance and offer a host of benefits

06 Jun 2018

Why international teams should keep their heads in the cloud

Chris Martin, CTO of Powwownow and co-founder of the Smarter Working Initiative examines the business benefits of the cloud for international teams, and the opportunities the cloud offers for wholesale telecoms businesses.

05 Jun 2018

Can blockchain globalise number portability

DIDWW explains how the exciting new technology of blockchain could help overcome an old problem with number portability

31 May 2018

Data Protection 2.0

With the European Union’s long-awaited privacy laws now in force, Joao Sousa from global advisory and investment firm, Delta Partners, talks to Capacity about the impact it will have on the telecoms, media and digital industries

31 May 2018

Protecting data in dispersed, multi-cloud environments

Russell Poole, managing director of Equinix, UK, discusses the various security threats that exist on multi-cloud environments and how businesses can mitigate these risks