Capacity Voice

20 Mar 2018

Customer experience is hard

A really good experience isn’t just picking up the phone quickly, or delivering a service quickly, it’s part of every single thing we do, and it needs to be consistent. This means a uniform experience whether you order a service or interact with us in the UK or in Tokyo.

06 Mar 2018

Five of the world’s biggest network outages

It’s often said – partly with tongue in cheek - that if Maslow’s famous hierarchy of human needs were revised today, internet connectivity would feature at its foundation. Look around any office space when the internet goes down, or a busy train carriage that moves out of signal range. The palpable sense of aimlessness highlights just how reliant we have become on connectivity.

21 Feb 2018

Why Adaptive is the biggest story in networking

The long-desired goal of network automation is coming closer to reality. Joe Cumello explains why autonomous networking alone is not enough, and introduces Ciena’s Adaptive Network, which combines the right mixture of automation, intelligence, and scale that allows network operators to adapt in today’s constantly-shifting ecosystem.

03 Jan 2018

Moving data to the fjords

The IT sector consumes 7% of global electricity already, and the number is climbing.

09 Nov 2017

An open access wireless network for South Africa? Who will manage it?

An open access wholesale-only wireless (3G and 4G/LTE) network (OAWN) can, within just a few years, connect the 40% of people in South Africa who still do not have Internet access.

07 Nov 2017

Peering directly is not enough to ensure peak performance

Content from cloud applications, especially OTT video traffic, is increasingly dominating the internet.

18 Oct 2017

Quantum crypto

“We assumed the quantum threat wasn’t something that we would never have to worry about in our lifetime but the planning horizon for quantum computers should be about eight years”, says Richard Moulds, general manager at Whitewood Security

13 Sep 2017

Keeping the light on when the cable gets cut

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, the simple truth is that fibre-optic cables do fail from time to time. Helen Xenos, Director Portfolio Marketing, Ciena

12 Sep 2017

Standardising and orchestrating SD-WAN managed services

Industry body MEF has been working over the past several years to accelerate the industry transition to agile, assured, and orchestrated “Third Network” services delivered over automated, virtualised, and interconnected networks. Pascal Menezes, CTO, shares his view

11 Sep 2017

Fast internet and jobs

Intuitively we assume that landing a cable in a location creates jobs and growth. There’s the inductive reasoning: if it didn’t, no one would pay to lay the cables. But for many individual workers today, the arrival of technology in their workplace is bad news.