05 May 2015

Data protection: essential for the move to IoT

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The connected era is upon us for better or for worse. The IoT that was a very short time ago the next Big Thing has now reached peak hype. It is already part of our lives, becoming ubiquitous but invisible at the same time. Connectable newbies are integrating our lives at an increasing speed, without us realising the scale and impact. Around 1.1 billion connected objects will be up and running by the end of 2015 and forecasts are that this figure will rise to around 25 billion by 2020. An inestimable amount of data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Data protection and customers’ privacy is already a top priority for carriers and whatever security measures we take, we must ensure that they are implemented in line with local legislation.

The potential benefits of the IoT in every aspect of the economy and society are prodigious, but so are the risks. The race for cheaper and faster has taken priority over security concerns. Our fast connecting world is creating a whole new playground for hackers and attackers to dream up new things to do on the internet. With the proliferation of data volumes and data velocity, data protection has become our next Big Thing. Our biggest priority? Ensuring that we make life as difficult as possible for the hackers.

Today devices are made by a broad variety of manufacturers. In most cases security is built-on rather than integral to the platform. Just as the original Internet where security came afterwards. So the bad guys always managed to stay one step ahead.

The issue of data protection is a concern for all industries. Interestingly, the leaks and breaches are boosting the emergence of privacy protection start-ups. So where do telcos come into the picture and what can we do? We have a shared role and responsibility to highly secure our networks and the transmission of data. We must have a sharp and agile eye on movements. Adopt an intelligence-sharing attitude within our industry. Cultivate customer trust with quality and secure services and reinforced relations is a must.

Data privacy is crucial if people are to be persuaded to embrace rising connectivity. Lack of protection from hacking would immediately impact growth in the upcoming smart economy. Our industry needs to work collaboratively and rally our task forces to collectively combat the hackers. Let’s make the IoT smart and seamless together!


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