Charting future wholesale trends

05 February 2013

An unintended consequence of network innovation is that it opens the floodgates to as many threats as it does opportunities – just ask mobile operators struggling to make the economics of 4G investment stack up in a world where OTT players proliferate. Richard Irving assesses the prospects for wholesale operators.

Which of the following telling developments is most likely to set the agenda in wholesale telecoms?

News that WhatsApp, the almost-free over-the-top (OTT) messaging service is now handling more than 10 billion texts a day – a 10-fold increase in a year?

Confirmation that Google is trialing a new technology called WebRTC (short for web-based real time communications) – an application that could turn telephony on its head by embedding voice services in internet browsers?

Or the revelation that Eddy Cue should be able to wangle cut-price tyres next time he takes his sports car in for a service? If you are unfamiliar with the name, then let me explain.

Cue is the rising star of Apple – head of the company’s internet software and services division, driving force (no pun intended) behind the launch of the hugely successful iPad mini and chief executive Tim Cook’s all-round Mr Fix-It.


Topics: wholesale, network OTT, 4G, investment, M2M, virtualisation, SDN, fraud