Frank Cuccio, TE SubCom: Taking risk management to new depths

10 January 2013 | Guy Matthews

TE SubCom has spent decades perfecting new ways to minimise the risks facing submarine cable systems. Guy Matthews talks to VP of marine services, Frank Cuccio, about the dangers facing this essential infrastructure.


TE SubCom has a substantial legacy in the undersea communications game. It has to date deployed more than 490,000km of subsea cable, enough it claims to circle the earth more than 12 times at the equator.

Back in the rock and roll era of the mid-1950s, it built the first transatlantic telephone cable system, and went on to develop and implement the first transatlantic fibre-optic link in 1988.

More recently, it has pioneered new fibre technologies to meet the needs of submarine cable investors. In an internet-powered world, cable performance and resilience matter like never before, which is why dealing with the considerable dangers that face undersea assets is so important.

Frank Cuccio, VP marine services with TE SubCom, is an authority on the risks that cables face, and on the right steps for mitigating those risks.

"My role gives me the opportunity to think about risk on...

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