Subsea Special: Interview with Chris Wood, WIOCC

10 January 2013 | Guy Matthews

Can terrestrial developments in Africa start to match its abundance of subsea capacity? Chris Wood, CEO of WIOCC, is hopeful.


Courtesy: HSMimages

The WIOCC consortium is best known around the world as the builder of the EASSy submarine cable, in capacity terms the largest system serving Africa’s east coast.

Under the leadership of CEO Chris Wood, WIOCC has been quietly chalking up new landmarks, further transforming the continent’s connectivity. The consortium’s network footprint includes 40,000km of submarine fibre-optic cable, and its shareholders between them also now operate more than 50,000km of terrestrial fibre.

WIOCC’s reach now extends into many landlocked African economies, including Burundi, Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe, cementing its claim to be Africa’s foremost purveyor of affordable, high-speed wholesale connectivity, both within the continent and looking well beyond. There is however plenty more work to be done, believes Wood.

"Three or four years ago there was practically no connectivity along Africa’s east coast, but that all changed in 2009 and 2010 with the advent of several...

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