Telecom Egypt: Creating a transit-friendly hub amid political instability

10 January 2013 | Kavit Majithia

With Egypt’s political situation still unresolved, will state-owned Telecom Egypt’s ambitious plans to transform its fibre-optic corridor into an ultra-high capacity network take a back seat?

Mohamed El-Nawawy’s appointment as CEO and managing director of Telecom Egypt in August 2012 was welcome news for the company’s wholesale segment.

El-Nawawy previously served as VP of international wholesale, and more recently as SVP and chief strategy officer, but continued to head up Telecom Egypt’s submarine cable division. The move is deemed internally as a clear sign that the new regime in the country is taking wholesale telecoms at the company very seriously.

It is rare to find the figurehead of a company the size of Telecom Egypt with such a strong past in wholesale. El-Nawawy’s appointment was part of a management reshuffle following the end of Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year tenure as leader of the country.

With Telecom Egypt 80% state-owned, and a large part of the revolution led through social media campaigns, the company’s future fortune is certainly something that requires a large level of attention for the...

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