DE-CIX: Expanding carrier neutral exchanges worldwide

13 November 2012

DE-CIX is taking its highly successful internet exchange model in Frankfurt to the global stage, beginning in the Middle East. Robert Anderson investigates.

When the carrier neutral internet exchange DE-CIX was established in 1995, it was only ever intended to serve Germany. Today, the company is the world’s largest internet exchange with more than 480 networks connected from more than 52 countries worldwide and is building on its success by expanding internationally and launching its own next-generation network (NGN) exchange.

The company’s CEO, Harald Summa, attributes DE-CIX’s phenomenal rise to the movement in traffic "from west to east". This change occurred around the end of the nineties when European ISPs began peering in western European exchanges, shifting away from exchanging traffic via the transatlantic and peering in the US east coast’s MAE-EAST exchange.

Through exploiting Frankfurt’s key geographic location and attracting customers from the east, DE-CIX was able to create an international hub for traffic from Russia and CEE on to western Europe and the US.

As DE-CIX’s...

Topics: De-CIX, internet exchange, carrier neutral, AMS-IX, UAE-IX