LTE: The next generation of superfast networks

13 November 2012 | Kavit Majithia

LTE may be fast emerging as the leading next-generation mobile solution, but it is also providing as many pitfalls as opportunities for carriers. Kavit Majithia investigates.


The GSA made the bold claim last month that LTE is the fastest, most viable and quickest advancing technology of all time.

With approximately 700 million subscribers, China Mobile’s commitment to developing and deploying TD LTE standards on its networks is perhaps one of the largest testaments to the technology.

The company recently announced that it is set to extend the roll-out of the next-generation standard to 13 cities across the country in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent.

As a result, market watchers are now tipping China to be a major rival to North America in the global 4G LTE market. China’s neighbour, India, must be watching enviously, having given away an early lead in next-generation mobile.

Kenneth Stewart, CTO at TE Connectivity, recalls a time when India was thought to have stolen an early start on 4G, albeit based on WiMAX, by auctioning 2300MHz spectrum.


Topics: LTE, Russia, GSA, Cisco, mobile data, TE connectivity, 4G