Global bandwidth pricing trends

04 September 2012

Brought to you in collaboration with TeleGeography's Global Bandwidth Research Service.

Prices for wholesale IP transit services continued to decline globally over the last few years.

TeleGeography has identified that GigE ports declined at a compounded annual rate of 34% in London, 28% in New York, 26% in Hong Kong and 20% in São Paulo between Q2 2009 and Q2 2012.

Although prices have declined globally, significant geographic differences remain. TeleGeography notes that the median GigE price in Hong Kong has remained 2.7 to 5.1 times the price of a GigE port in London over the past three years.

Similarly, the price of a GigE port in São Paulo has remained between 5.2 and 8.2 times the price of a comparable port in New York.


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