Carlson Wireless: Using white space technology to bring connectivity to rural areas

03 September 2012

Carlson Wireless believes white space technology is the future hope for rural connectivity. Robert Anderson investigates why.

Almost three decades ago, one man decided to make it his life mission to find a solution to the lack of connectivity to remote and rural areas.

The journey that was to follow would bring his technology to not just the rural areas of the US, but some of the most remote places in the world, including the icy shores of Antarctica. It has now led him to discover the potential of white space technology, which he firmly believes can change the face of rural connectivity forever.

Jim Carlson first embarked on his quest to develop, build and market fixed-wireless telecommunications systems for remote and rural users in 1986. He began by modifying two-way radio equipment to provide a standard telephone system for residents in his local neighbourhood, branding it the OptaPhone.

Gradually the OptaPhone Systems brand went nationwide, providing the technology to support telephone services to low density rural...

Topics: Carlson Wireless, rural connectivity, white space, Jim Carlson