Capacity Magazine - FAQ

What devices can I use to read Capacity Daily and Capacity Magazine?
The digital editions can be read on most current-generation Android, Apple and Kindle devices. For Android and Apple devices, both tablets and phones are supported.

Where can I get the digital editions from?
You can download your digital editions from the Apple Store, Amazon and Google Play.



Is there a difference between the Apple, Android and Kindle versions of the digital editions?
There is no difference in the content of each edition. However, there are some differences in how the content is displayed on tablet devices when compared to phones.

Will we be able to access back editions?
Yes, as far back as May 2013. Older editions will be added at a later date

When are the digital editions available for download?
Capacity Magazine is published every two months and as an existing subscriber you will be notified each time a new edition is available. Other supplements and directories will also be available for download throughout the year.

Who can I contact if I am having problems accessing my editions?
If you have questions please get in contact with us here.