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Capacity Media, a division of Euromoney Global Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales (company number 00142215), focusses on the wholesale telecommunications market and carrier-to-carrier business. Consisting of Capacity magazine, Capacity Conferences and International Telecoms Week (ITW), Capacity Media is the leading source of information for the industry.

Capacity magazine
Published bi-monthly with over 4,000 subscribers in 127 countries worldwide, Capacity magazine reports on the critical business issues that wholesale carriers face in this rapidly changing telecoms market. Through Capacity magazine and its portfolio of business briefings, yearbook, carrier directories and the online news source, Capacity is the essential source of business intelligence for the global carrier industry.
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Capacity Conferences
Capacity Conferences holds over 20 events every year across the globe, concentrating on the business of wholesale telecommunications. Each event combines high-quality content with extensive networking opportunities, enabling attendees to meet decision makers from local, regional and international carriers and service providers.
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International Telecoms Week (ITW)
ITW is the annual meeting point for the wholesale telecommunications community and offers various networking opportunities through meeting rooms, an integrated exhibit and bilateral table area, and numerous breakfasts, lunches and cocktail receptions, providing a wide range of conference sessions for the benefit of attendees.
For more information, please visit www.internationaltelecomsweek.com

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